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You lewded Sadako and it's about time.

Your best work.

The audio could have been better but the animation quality is decent and I find this flash pretty funny. It would have been nice if you had continue this one for a while, oh well.

Being atheist is one thing but not only the message bad dumb, even the spam flashes submitted for Clock Day are better in comparison.

I know it was submitted over a decade ago but in the end it's crap then and it's crap now, it doesn't change a thing. Even my Clock Day "flash movies" are better than this.

I do enjoy some of your later works but still.

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Dude, you need to change how the flash is opened, seriously.

Druidtton responds:

There is 0% flash here, It's just HTML5.
Could you PM me with a description of the problem you're having?
I'll totally fix it if you let me know what's wrong.

If you mean how it opens on a different window, I can't really do much about that right now.
But I'm totally working on it.

I rate this as highly as I did because of the easy medals, otherwise it's a bad game. With that said, I'd like to point out that Dragonite is not a FIRE TYPE, seriously...

Other than that, thanks for the medals.

Want a hint to get the $10K medal? Go for broke and bet 100 on each swing and hope you get a jackpot, trust me, the rewards are high enough to let you spend all day trying to use up all the credits in one game.

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Great music you got there. First noticed when playing a certain flash game that lead me to this page.

Ever since hearing this, let's just say I became addicted and it's practically an ear worm. The only problem is that the loop wasn't too smooth, had it been the case it would have been perfect.

Anyway keep the the great work.

It was okay

not good but good effort.

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About time someone's going to make fun of this series. I'm glad there's more people who watches it as well.

With that said, there's no way she's human even for anime standards due to her shape shifting ability that fooled even her classmates...seriously, WTF?

I think the whole point of her is fanservice for the series. I mean why else would I order a Japanese Anniversary Edition of that card? A great fan art and it does captures the spirit of the main purpose of her, seriously.

I want the funky chicken.


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