Entry #252

Intermission #73: Feelsbadman

2017-05-16 12:35:51 by Idiot-Finder

After several clashes between their lightsabers in that fateful duel, Matt Furie said, "Your power is weak young frog, I have created you and I shall kill you...not because I've caved into the esjaydoubleyew's demands, I mean why would anyone think that?"

Pepe then sighed and said, "By saying that, it made you sound even more suspicious and that makes me feelsbadman."

"Then let me end your misery!" Furie yelled as he swung his lightsaber at Pepe, only for the frog to block it with his own.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Hearing this, Furie became nervous but however knowing what the esjay stormtroopers will do if he doesn't finish off his former friend, he regained composure and was ready to strike when to his surprise, Pepe didn't fight back. Before he knew it, his lightsaber have already struck the frog.

But what happens next will make Pepe's action look like nothing. Amidst the celebration by the stormtroopers, Matt Furie went to kick around the pile of clothes where Pepe used to be, wondering what the hell just happened.


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2017-05-16 21:43:14

Wonder if there's a Star Wars version of Pepe out there, in the digital miasma we call culture, hmmmmm