Entry #251

Intermission #72: The greatness of Franchesca Ramsey

2016-04-29 14:57:47 by Idiot-Finder

"Hello, this is Franchesca Ramsey and I'm here to tell you the awfulness of white people and how they should all die."

"Kill whitey!"

Then the promo clip for the latest season ends.

Before watching the latest webisodes of "Decoded", I went to the kitchen to get a can of coke before heading to the living room to fetch a large bag of popcorn I had prepared for the potential shitstorm when the new Barbie was to come out before Chuck Schumer's relative backed out for some reason (yeah I was bummed about that since I was looking forward to the circus over the internet). Once that was done, I click on the icon for the webisode from MTV and crack the can of cold bubbly to enjoy the party.

I'm looking forward to an upcoming spinoff of "Decoded" titled "Whitey Ford, the original Jontron? We have proof because of his name!"

Though admittingly I did a spit take when I saw the title because...isn't Whitey his nickname?


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2017-04-25 04:48:43

It's much saner to avoid any and all cable/TV programming, or online reactions to said rubbish. I'm not a big sports fan, but it sure looks more straightforward a thing to enjoy than anything else out there... and even there, being hit w/ a celebrity wand seems to add more bullshit to what should a be a cut n' dry spectacle.

I could've taken a job w/ Viacom as a remote cameraman, guess my instincts (regarding my sanity) were spot on at the time... the studio camera gig for Cabellero I kinda regret not taking.