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Intermission #70: The Devil From Hell's Kitchen

Posted by Idiot-Finder - November 28th, 2015

Note: What should've happened in the infamous Chick Tract titled Lisa.

Henry was limping toward his home while his blood continues to drip from his face just before the man's legs gave out. After laying there for few minutes, a passerby calls from the nearby payphone and later, Henry was rushed to the hospital where he would spend several days eating through a straw. Despite his family being notified, no one comes to visit until one night when someone enters through the 3rd story window.

Hearing the sound of a window being forced open, Henry wakes up to see someone entering through the open window and upon his horror, it's his assailant from the week before. Remembering the warning the stranger gave him after pummeling him in the dark alley that night, Henry struggles to reach for the nurse call button on the television control right next to him, only to fumble the control.

Next thing Henry knows, the stranger then grabs him by his neck and said in a growling tone, "I know it's not over."

"The reason is that you have relapsed before and the doctor who attempted to help you through religion have been dismissed for not being able to separate his personal beliefs from his job."

Unable to speak, all Henry could do was whimper.

"However..." the stranger continues, "Because you have also been blackmailed by your neighbor who enabled your despicable act, you have done yourself a favor by telling me his name that night and I have already taken care of him. He will no longer be able to walk anymore and this should give you a much better chance of changing for the better so you better not make me regret this."

"Because if you ever touch your daughter again, I will kill you, understand?"

Henry fearfully nods.

Soon, the man in black with his eyes completely covered by a headpiece walks to the window where he then climbs out, never to be seen again as Henry kept his promise for good.

However, the trauma will remain for the rest of his life, as it should be.

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Oh dear, I actually read part of 'Lisa' before I read your piece, but not the ending! Doesn't matter, you wrote the better ending I'm sure!!

Actually Obama, the Red Menace in blue/sheep's clothing is a fair bit scarier than my individual damnation lol

Hey, congrats on UOTD over at NG Logs today!

Thanks, I didn't think it would ever happen.