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Intermission #68: Magical Girl Apocalypse in North Korea...

Posted by Idiot-Finder - April 25th, 2015

One night in Pyongyang, North Korea, the ill-equipped security forces were struggling to fight off a horde of deformed looking magical girls as well as a group of undead, each of whom happens to be wearing what looks like a black dress. One by one, the security team were overwhelmed by the strange threat as the last one would be blasted to bits by what resembles a doll with a deformed looking face uttering the same word over and over.


Kim Jong-Un have been in his wine cellar for hours wondering whether or not the members of the security team have been taking some drugs as what he had heard from the transmitter sounds ridiculously inane even for his level of standards which isn't that easy. After seconds of bloodcurdling screams by the security team, all what's left at that point was static...

"Hello? Hello? Answer me damn it or I'll have all of you send to the gulag!"

There's still no answer.

"That's it, gulag it is!"

"To think someone would go through all this just to pull a prank, it ain't scaring me!"

After minutes of talking to himself in the wine cellar, Kim began to spend time reading his porno magazines he kept in the shelves behind dozen of bottles of Hennessy and Cognac when his alone time came to an abrupt end as the door was suddenly knocked right off the hinges. The North Korean dictator panicked as he tries to hide his porn stash and zip up his pants while yelling, "Son of a bitch!"

"Magical~" someone growled.

Kim recognized the voice and quickly calms down to see his surprise guest.

"Wait...Dennis? What a relief, I wasn't expecting...why are you wearing that black dress? Are you cosplaying as a magical girl or something?" the dictator asked.

The former basketball star slowly walks toward Kim and utters the same word as before, "Magical~"

"Magical? What magical?"


Kim walks toward his friend and to the North Korean dictator's horror...part of the prolific rebounder's head was missing!

"D-Dennis...what happened to you? Are you alright? Does it hurt?"

However, the only answer he would get is the same as before...


Soon, the worm was joined by several other cross dressers and to the dictator's further horror, some of them were members of his security team.




Kim then pulls out his gun and open fire, hitting some of the cross dressers with little or no effect as they were nothing more but victims of the magical girl invasion now turned into zombies.


Kim backed away and empties his weapon before dropping it and scream.

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That's damn creepy. I'm glad the furries Mindchamber and I were stuck with, didn't say anything. We were headed up to the 4th floor, when they got on at the second floor. Just before the door closed, we exchanged a worried glance. We didn't dare move suddenly, we calmly put our shoulders in front of Crystal, putting her safely into the corner, hopefully shielding her if things got even scarier. We didn't tense up, they can smell fear you know.

They scampered out the very next floor, but we were still frozen. By the time the door opened on our floor, we were loose again, the pre-party glow had returned a little, enough for us to go our separate ways, like after a day at the office. Well, maybe I was a bit more scared... were they Newgrounds members?! It's possible they infiltrated the Pico party the next day, posing as real people... I need to lie down now


Found one.