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If you're interested in my ongoing adventures...

Posted by Idiot-Finder - March 7th, 2009

Subscribe by PM me so that I can notify you of my encounters with the outlandish events that happens. Because the mods have finally caught on, I have no choice but to confine it to the userpage and the 51+ thread, if you're interested just let me know.

Don't worry about the list, I won't forget any one of you regarding the notification.

Also it's free of charge!


1) lawlmaster
2) Gasleak (Max)
3) FurryFox (Max)
4) Toukeman Max)
5) SlntCobra1 (Max)
6) idiot-buster (Max)
7) ilikegames12 (Max)
8) portalwarpedJP
9) SolidLiquid (Max)
10) GeneralAC (Max)
11) BioEthanol (Max)
12) Tribalfusion-X (Max)
13) Ass-Crumb (Max)
14) Ironosaur (Max)
15) walterwagner (Max)
16) clipnotdone (Max)
17) Cronicriot (Max)
18) ComradeMolotov (Max)
19) BritPop (Max)
20) dread2760 (MIA)
21) Coreghost (Max)
22) VicariousE

Suspended subscription: BioEthanol, Cronicrot, GeneralAC, Gasleak, Ironosaur, SolidLiquid, Tribalfusion, clipnotdone, ilikegames, BritPop, Toukeman, Coreghost, walterwagner, Comrade, FurryFox, idiot-buster and SlntCobra1 (Dude!)

If you want the suspension removed, clear out the unread messages and PM me. More importantly, if any of you made a name change, PM me and let me know.

Comments (21)

sure sign me up scotty

That's one.

me too :)......................what are your ongoing adventures?
if it's ridding the portal of spammers then count me in!

Sign me up bro

me please.

#1... damn right XD

I'll sign up. I love your stories


Count me in.

Alrighty then.

sign me up, man.

I want in! Sign me up!

Can I sign up :D.

sign me up

Perfect, add me to your subscriber's list!
<3 I love you, man.

Lol, why are those two suspended.

Also sign me up. You can just put me in the 'faggot' section if you will.

They have tons of unread messages from me, there's no way I can notify them aside from posting it on their webpage.

yay i am suspended

Ill take one.

boredom, it can lead to so many not well thought out decisions. . . .

no offense to you, just a general statement.

pretty much a summary of my life. . . .

hell ye i suscribe

I wish to be subscribed.

sign me up

your amazing news storys and very funny 100%true real life storys are my nectar

Sign me up homeslice!

I can has sign up?

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