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Intermission #78: Pit Bulls

Posted by Idiot-Finder - August 3rd, 2021

One summer afternoon, a group of neighborhood kids pour out into the street upon a sound of a jingle coming from an ice cream truck. As kids were heading towards their favorite treat, a dog came jogging happily alongside with them as he dances around to the tune of the music being played while wagging his tail. As the dog waits in line to the ice cream truck with the owner coming on her way to accompany her pet, suddenly a gun shot is heard and the dog suddenly yelped!

As the line scatters into terrified children running all over the neighborhood to safety, to the horror of the dog's owner, the dog collapses with blood pouring out of his side.

"You should be happy that I shot that animal, people could have been hurt by that monster!"

The owner turns her head and see a somewhat gruff looking man holding a pistol.

"W-what..." the owner stammers before being cut off.

"That creature ran out without a leash, menacingly wagging its tail and in any minute it would have pounce on all those kids!" the man said.

"That's my dog..." the owner finally said.

Dumbfounded, the man said, "Come again?"

"That was my dog you killed...he wasn't going to harm anyone." the owner answered.

At that point the man started to look as if he had been forced to listen to some early unreleased Backstreet Boys tracks all at once. Afterwards, he began to lift his pistol at the woman and said, "You do realize what you were raising is a pit bull right?"

"Not only that, the monster you were raising wasn't even leashed and breeds like that are vicious beasts that should be exterminated!"

Terrified at the sight of a stranger pointing his gun at her, the owner was unable to say anything in response as faint sound of sirens are heard from the distance.

"Ah, someone called the police."

He then turns to the dog owner.

"You're going to get it now!"

As soon as several police vehicles arrives the dog killer than points his finger at the owner and said, "There she is officers, having such an unsafe beast out with a bunch of kids, get her!"

However several police officers points their guns at him and one of them then yell, "Drop your weapon and down on the ground!"

Flabbergasted, the dog killer then said "Wait a minute, why are you point your guns at me? She's the one who let that dangerous beast loose!"

"Drop your weapon now!"

"Okay, okay!"

The man then puts his gun down and lay down with his hands on his head as the police swarms around him. In time he was cuffed as was taken into the vehicle without any word despite looking like he has something to say but barely held back.

Little does the neighborhood knows, this is only the beginning.


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Interesting new story... for giggles, check out the wiki on your new character! IDK if you knew about the minor German diplomat/player, but it's worth a look.

Also, don't be around lower Manhattan on 9/19. Long IRL story, but an old lady told me the middle-eastern folk play the number game too, mainly to counteract the free mason/cubit number games...