Entry #255

Intermission #76: Nick Spencer gets his comeuppance

2017-12-11 17:13:46 by Idiot-Finder

"Oh come on, the guy was blonde and white, this makes him a Nazi and that's why I turned him into one!" said Nick Spencer.

Having enough of the lecture of why he character assassinated Captain America, I summoned a half naked purple man and began to start wailing on him.


Then just before delivering another blow, I stopped time.

"Star Platinum: Za Warudo!"

Then I had the stand to pummel frozen Nick Spencer who was still in the air for another five seconds before time resumes and deliver the final blow that sends him into the sky. Then out of nowhere I could hear the narrator yelling...

Nick Spencer unable to recover, may never write again...



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2017-12-11 19:10:59

Had to look him up on wiki, guessing the stick up his ass wrote his last few pieces. Even then, I'm not much for new movies, for fear of crippling cringeyness caused by lame attempts at social engineering aka positive reinforcement of State values, bot personal or God based ones... lol


2017-12-12 12:50:34

I thought I heard that name before, back when he was running for city council in Cincinnati under the Progressive Charter Party. (basically a de facto independent party)

To have the gall to make Captain America an agent of HYDRA, (granted, they did have a cosmic retcon soon afterwards) and then pull the rug from under fans like that, Spencer deserves the heat that he’s gotten.


2017-12-14 13:52:00

Just wanna let you know that I still log in to read these from time to time, and they're still funny as hell. Thanks for posting these.