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Ted wonders where he is while wandering in the dark corridor with nothing but the sound of water dripping from a distance. While he was looking for a remote place to rest, after spending an hour or so exploring in the empty part of the catacombs, loneliness begins to set in. When loneliness sets in the case of Ted, he would hallucinate...that's when things becomes interesting for our friend here.

"Who are you?" Ted demanded.

A giant anamorphic pound cake who happens to be standing right in front of Ted said nothing.

"Answer me damn you!"

The cake remained silent.

"So you think you're a tough guy huh? How about we'll see how tough you really are!" said Ted as he drops back and raise up his fists.

"You want a piece of me?"

Suddenly, the anamorphic pound cake flips off Ted before transforming into a giant Twinkie, making a screeching noise as the sponge cake begins to bob its head up and down.

Having no time for this, Ted punched the sponge cake and soon, the cake bends its head toward the man and fires a white cream filling all over his body. Ted attempts to fight his way through the sticky white substance, only to have more being squirted right into his face.

As Ted attempts to struggle, couple of tourists discovers him struggling on the ground.

"What's with him? It's like he's spazzing out or something." one said.

"He must have been trying out that miming technique...and he didn't seem good at it." said the other.

"We should go, after all, remember our last encounter with someone like that?"

"I know, let's get out of here!"

After the two left, Ted soon find himself tied up by a metal rope with Jason Vorhees walking toward him with a machete.

"No, no, stay away...I'm warning you! STAY AWAY!"

As soon as Jason swung his machete toward his victim, he suddenly vanished and soon, Ted finds himself alone once again.

After he got up, Ted begins to wonder what just happened when a cloaked figure with a Caribbean accent appears and said, "Welcome to your permanent nightmare as you and your friends will stay here for eternity!"

Alarmed, Ted raises his fists and said, "Who are you and what the fuck are you talking about?"

The cloaked figure then pulls back his hood, revealing himself as a bald headed black man with half of his face painted white, it's Baron Samedi!

Baron Samedi laughed and said, "You my boy will soon learn what you people have gotten themselves into, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Ted picks up a rock and begins to start bashing it against Baron Samedi's head, easily shattering parts of it before the figure disappears, leaving behind the black cloak.

"What the...he just disappeared!"

"What's going on here?"

Just as he got up, Baron Samedi appears right next to him, this time wearing a top hat with the upper part of his face painted with a skull. This freaks out Ted as he tries to make a run for it, but when he did so, it seems as if he have been running in circles despite being sure that he have been running in a straight line. Each time he enters other corridor, it turns out to be the same corridor as before with Baron Samedi standing there looking amused.

The seemingly endless cycle of torment would end when Ted accidentally bumped into something, knocking himself backward. Soon, a flash light was turned on and as Ted took a closer look, a familiar face took him by surprise.

However, the person recognize Ted as well.

"Hey, I know're the guy who insulted me and called me a faggot at the autograph signing!" said the bald man in a thick accent.

"You, you're the bald fag I made fun back in 2010 because of what happened! Even if I am glad to see someone who isn't a demonic weirdo, still I stand by what I said about you loser! Ha, headbutting the dude in that game? What are you going to do? Headbutt me?"

A former sports star glares and said, "We'll see about that!" right before beating up Ted, breaking every bones in his body, crippling him.

Ted moans in pain as the former athlete then turns into a giant chicken and proceeds to peck him to death. In the ensuing weeks, Ted's remains would be slowly eaten away by a pack of rats that infests the catacombs.

Meanwhile, back inside the flaming car, Keith struggles to keep his sanity intact as the song playing inside the vehicle continues to torment him. The particular song in question is Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.

Keith tries to kill himself by stabbing himself with any sharp objects he could find, not realizing that he have been granted immortality. He would remain trapped inside the invisible flaming car for the rest of the eternity.

Recent Game Medals

What's Mine is Yours 5 Points Make it through the minefield in level 1. Medal Stats.
Full Upgrade! 50 Points Fully upgraded rocket Medal Stats.
Bad Boy Laser! 25 Points Purchase this laser gun Medal Stats.
Rare Discovery! 10 Points Capture a rare alien Medal Stats.
Mega Bucks! 25 Points Earn 15,000,000 Medal Stats.
Big Bucks! 5 Points Earn $1,000,000 Medal Stats.
Upgrader! 5 Points Make your first upgrade Medal Stats.
First Capture! 5 Points Capture your first alien Medal Stats.
OCD 100 Points Complete Hard Mode at 100% Medal Stats.
Got you twice, shame on you. 50 Points Complete Hard Mode Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 6,404 (From 1,099 different games.)

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